Binding Spells Unveiled: What They Are and How to Use Them Safely

Binding Spells Unveiled: What They Are and How to Use Them Safely

Binding Spells Unveiled: What They Are and How to Use Them Safely

Binding Spells

There are two common types of binding spells: one is to bind two people together in a love spell; the other is to bind or restrict someone’s actions. Binding spells must always be used with caution and with a great deal of thought beforehand.


Binding Lovers Together: Why You Shouldn’t

I would never recommend using a spell to bind two people together. It can cause untold misery and complications later on down the line. The one exception is when a couple embarks on a ‘year and a day’ hand-fasting where the ritual is specific, and the period is limited. The couple can renew their vow year on year if they wish.


A friend of mine decided that it really was a good idea

to work binding magic on a man she had been dating for a little

over three months. She was convinced he was the one. She wanted to make sure that they

stayed together forever. She explained to me that it was important that nothing should come

between them. A few years later, when it was patently obvious that they weren’t suited, they were caught up

in a legal wrangle over property. They could not escape each other. Eventually,

she remembered the binding and had to work several ‘detangling’ spells before they could part permanently.


Binding Spells Unveiled: What They Are and How to Use Them Safely

Someone else I heard of decided to kindly work

a binding on her son and new daughter-in-law on the occasion of their

marriage. It caused chaos. Her easy-going, gentle son became controlling and

jealous. His young wife was heartbroken that her husband so openly distrusted her

to the point that he tracked her whereabouts constantly. He couldn’t bear to have her out of his sight. The divorce was horrendous, but thankfully they hadn’t had any children.


Please be aware that I don’t provide binding spells for lovers—too risky, and I have a reputation to maintain.


Binding a Bully, Tormentor, or Controller

There is nothing worse than when someone decides to target you,

frighten you or control you. You feel frustrated, powerless, and even

terrified. It may be someone at work, your relationship partner, or even a parental figure. So there are certain circumstances where a binding spell is absolutely the right thing to do. Examples are:

A work colleague who needles and picks fault constantly, making life a misery.

A teenage bully is tormenting your child.

An ex-boyfriend or girlfriend who is unable to move on and tries to harass you into getting back with them.

A partner who tries to control your every move—a binding spell can be used to restrict them while you extricate yourself from the relationship.

A stalker or neighbor who spies on you.

Anyone who tries to harm you or your kin.

Someone who attempts to put you out of business

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