White Love Spell Vs Black Love Spell

White Love Spell Vs Black Love Spell

White Love Spell Vs Black Love Spell

In magic, you often hear the terms white magic and black magic. In addition, These are

more than just colors; they are the intent behind the spellwork that’s being cast. However, The idea

of white or black magic depends largely on each individual, some believe there’s

a true distinction between these two types of magic, and some believe that all magic is the same.


White Magic to Attract Someone

White love spells come from a less intense intent when it comes to love. Hence, This

type of love spell may be cast out to a specific person but doesn’t forcefully make them fall in love with

you. Instead, it may be intended that the spell only strengthens any love the person already

has for you, and if that person doesn’t have any love for you currently, then no other love will be

maximized within them. Furthermore, White Love Spell Vs Black Love Spell


White Love Spell Vs Black Love Spell

Another example of this is if you are simply casting a general love spell out into

the universe. However, You don’t really care who it lands on. Instead, you’re letting the universe

naturally align you with a person that is a match to the type of love that you desire, and you’re also

a match for them for the type of love that they seek.


Easy love spells for white magic take the intensity out of spell work, and if you’re not looking

for that type of experience, they’re a great way to bring a gentle, natural, and easy type of love into your life.

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