Signs Of Pretending Lady That Loves You

Signs Of Pretending Lady That Loves You

Signs Of Pretending Lady That Loves You

Signs Of Pretending Lady That Loves You See 7 Signs A Lady Is Pretending To Love You

Check out this list of 7 Signs a Lady Is Pretending to Love You for more information on this phenomenon.


It is common for girls to put on a brave face and pretend

to care about you in numerous ways when they aren’t interested in

your company. In most cases, we are unaware of when or how we fell in love

with someone until it is too late. Consider reevaluating your relationship if you’re dating

a woman who exhibits any of the following characteristics. If you want to be in someone’s life,

be sure that person accepts and loves you for who you are.


She isn’t committed:


When a female is uncommitted, it simply indicates that she does not

want to spend her time with you. You will be supported by those who actually care about you.


She’s always coming up with reasons why she can’t do something:

She will come up with ingenious excuses in order to visit her on

weekends. However, If she keeps making excuses, you can be sure she isn’t interested in you.

Every time there is a misunderstanding, she says it’s over:


Listen carefully to what she says to you if she always tells you that

“it’s over between the two of us.” If she doesn’t care about you, then this is a clear indication.


She never initiates contact via text or phone call:

Signs Of Pretending Lady That Loves You

Having open lines of communication is essential for

establishing and maintaining healthy relationships. If you don’t

phone or text her first, you and she could go for days without speaking to

one another. Whenever a female is sincerely interested in you, she would go out of her way to communicate with you.


In the event that she fails to demonstrate concern for the situation:


The presence of a female who genuinely cares about you is unavoidable. However, Her

support and consideration for you are guaranteed. It is reasonable to assume that she will be uninterested in you unless you are the object of her emotions.


When she needs money, she only calls you:

Your phone will only ring when she is in desperate need of help. However,  The

girl is close to you and will come to you for money when she needs it. It is purely on the

basis of your wealth that she has formed a bond with you.

She avoids eye contact at all costs:

She may not be interested in you if she glances away when your eyes meet, so be cautious

when she does.

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