Prosperity spells

Prosperity spells


Prosperity spells

Prosperity spells are casted with kumquats. For example, Bitter

little oranges from the middle east that have long been symbols of great wealth and

prosperity. Prosperity spell is done in tandem with progression of the moon from new to full

moon. in addition, to track this waxing phase of the moon you will

need to check a lunar calendar online and see when the next new moon will be.


Benefits of a prosperity spell.

Have you ever wondered what you can do for your family

now and also in the future to ensure that they will prosper? Then you ought to

consider casting this prosperity spell.

Everyone wants what is best for their family especially family men and

women which is a great idea.

Not only for now in the present but also a prosperous future, not

only will your regime but also your grand children will also be provided for by

this spell. however, So casting this spell guarantees prosperity in your life and blood

line. For example, you should keep in mind that this spell is specifically designed

to ensure permanent prosperity though it also does more than that.


Prosperity spells

Abundance spell is a very old spell that honors

the goddess of the moon. These were hunter goddess that

knew how to strategize, gather and make use of every opportunity in life. hence, The

goblet in this spell is womb like and seen to be the source of all that is. lastly, It also symbolizes the

holy grail or all that you desire in life.  The silver coin symbolizes the

power of the moon to exert a subtle influence over others.

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