Political Crises or Political problems

Political Crises or Political problems

Political Crises or Political Problems.

Political crises or political problems, are you a leader

but you facing different problems you may be there trying to do

whatever it takes for your community (Umphakathi)

to get happy for your being a leader of them but, they lather keep

on hating you and throwing rotten eggs on your face. However,

First and fore most I need to inform you that

when you contact me for any kind of help or spiritual

guidance there will be some money required for me to report your

case to spirits and we shall have to wait for hearing from the spirits means I

will ask you consultation fees (Imali Yenkanyiso). However, There can be nothing to be done

or start with beside consulting spirits because is where we seek guidance.

Political Killing.

Killing are you a victim of political art

or you have been survived once during shutting maybe you can

be the next target of political beef and you trying to protect yourself but the

body guard does much nothing to keep you safe and you may need Spiritual guidance or spiritual protection.

Political Envy.

Envy do you have someone want you dead because you done good things or you being good leader and some other opponent see it as success and they don’t want you to be a success politician because they expect you to be a political failure.

Political Successful.

Being politician is not just a matter of winning a vote,

winning votes can be the beginning of your journey to create

your goals in politics once your goals are being through you being known as

a successful politician and once you become successful you get jealous people and

haters you may think that you have body guard but sometimes they can’t help if something serious comes to you, In addition, You need strong protection from me I use my

powers to protect you in your position for so many years

which means you may lead for long time without no body remove you or win

you out of that position.

Mkhulu Makenzi is my spiritual name and

am very proud that I have been helping some politician

around African am not doing this because I need fame no I need

to make sure that if you contact me for any issue of case problems I make

a mark on your life that will always make you to remember me and recommend

someone else to me due to my powerful spiritual

protection I provided you and success. Beside, Being the Best ever healer on African soil is

not because you always busy every single day receiving

calls from different people young ones elders and so on but I have

some assistance whom I direct to help me such as fetching money in bank

receiving it and buying me required spiritual stuffs in case necessary because each

spell requires different stuffs when is being performed or when you going to perform it.

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