Ngidinga Umuthi Wesithembu

Ngidinga Umuthi Wesithembu

Ngidinga Umuthi Wesithembu

Ngidinga Umuthi Wesithembu

What is isithembu?.


#isithembu means polygamy or being in

a polygamous marriage (A marriage of having more

than one wife ) and it  is a custom in many parts of Africa. isithembu

(also called Sethepu) is the African custom of a man being able to have more than one wife at the same time.



There were and are several situations or Reasons

that allow a man to have additional wives. This custom

is mainly done by Kings in Africa A man may marry again for

reasons that  current wife or wives cannot bare  children. He keeps his

current wife or wives as divorce is not allowed.but the Current wife ”SHE”

becomes the senior ”QUEEN”  wife, a position of honor. A man may marry again

if his current wife or wives have not produced male children. He can

marry again if a wife does not want children. In some places, if a man passes

away  or dies, his wife or wives are married to his brother.


This way his family is cared for The Swazi and Zulu

culture says a man should have many wives. Polygamy (Isithembu)

is normal for men. Woman should have children, which is normal for them.



So if you want to be in  isithembu marriage i got muthi to

help you soften and calm  your main wife such that you  can as well marry

a second wife who has attracted your attention


So lomuthi enza abafazi bakho bathandane nge balwe ngeke for them to argue

over minor issues Once used it brings and creates Calmness between both families


you Blow it to a person of your interest once done upon her it soften her heart and love

that it makes her to accept umshado wesithemb

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