Money Security Spells That Protect Money

Money Security Spells That Protect Money

Money Security Spells


Money security spells gain Financial Security using the Abundance Sachet


Start by invoking your divinities of abundance, such as Dionysus or Pluto. Never invoke divinities you are not aligned with. After general prayers and offerings, (cinnamon is a great incense for such a spell) take up the green candle and hold it in both hands. Chant the following:


“Dear _________, God/dess of abundance,

To you I pray,

Here in this hour I ask to lend your power.

Imbue this candle I hold,

With the great gift of abundance.

Abundance in ____(Your desire____).”

Repeat this 9 times as you charge the candle with green energy. Feel the power of this energy come from within you out your hands and empower the candle. Just like a superhero would cast superpowers out of his/her hands.

When done place the candle down. and light it. Place your hands about the glow of the light (not too close) and chant:

“Radiant power of abundance now give your power.

lend your abundant energy to this satchet craft.

And empower me as you empower the satchet.

Guide my hands properly.”


Now take up the green cloth and place it on the table/floor. Take a pinch of each of the herbs and pour it into the center of the cloth. Bundle it up tight and tie it closed with the gold cord or ribbon. No need to rush this. (Take your time and think on the abundant gifts of each herb.)

Now hold the bundle in your hand and say:

“Bundled tight in green candle light,

Bundle and mixed with a magical twix

Bundled in green to with a magical sheen

Bundled in gold, abundance inside it does hold.”

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