Money Bowl spell for bread winner in families

Money Bowl spell for bread winner in families

Money Bowl spell for bread winner in families

What it does?

Calls forth money to your home or your business.


What you’ll need?

A bowl (green, gold, glass, or copper are preferred)

Small trinkets that represent wealth and money to you

Coins or cash

Crystals (citrine, aventurine, garnet, and pyrite work best)

A small candle

Essential oil of your choice

A pen and paper

Energy cleansing tool of your choice (sage, palo santo, incense, selenite wand)

How to cast:

Clean your bowl!


Energetically cleanse all of the items and trinkets that you’ve

chosen to add into your bowl with your energy cleansing tool of choice.


Grab your pen and paper and start to write out your intentions in

present-tense as if they have already happened (examples; “I am wealthy”

or “I have $25,000 in my bank account and all of my debt is paid off”).


Add your items and trinkets into your bowl one by one and repeat

your intention with each item that you add

Add your candle to your bowl and put 1-2 drops of your chosen essential oil on

top of it before lighting the candle. The energy of the fire will amplify your manifestation!


Add in your written intention to the bowl and put the bowl

away somewhat close to the front door in either your home or workplace

(whichever you are more focused on bringing prosperity into and whichever place you feel most comfortable)


Money Bowl spell for bread winner in families

It is important to continue “feeding” your money bowl every few days with herbs,

coins, trinkets, crystals or anything that represents abundance to you.


Once the candle has fully burned after using for a few days or weeks and you feel

complete with your money bowl, return all of the natural elements back to the Earth and gift

the coins or money that were used in making

your money bowl to someone or a cause that may need it. lastly, the greatest money spell ever you can cast when you have equipment at home

best to prepare it when alone and never seen by anybody home

of what you planning to do in your bedroom.

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