Love Spells and the Basics of Love Magic

Love Spells and the Basics of Love Magic

Love Spells and the Basics of Love Magic

Love Spells and the Basics of Love Magic

In this installment of Practical Magic, Lisa Stardust gives the basics in love magic and

love spells. In addition, Always remember that magic is for believers,

but this column can also simply serve as a guide to getting in touch with yourself — magically or not.


Love magic is an extremely controversial topic in spell work. However, There are many perspectives

about the ethics of bending another’s will for their admiration. Luckily, there

are rules that apply when casting such spells. Hence, So if you want to fall in love but don’t want things

to get dark, you’re in the right place.

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Before we dig in to what love magic is, it’s important to try and take back your power. Furthermore, True

love starts within. You don’t need validation from someone else, and if a relationship has

become toxic it’s time to cut it out of your life. Lastly, These spells are about love,

which doesn’t always involve another person, so feel free to use them to bathe yourself in the TLC you deserve.

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