Lock Heart Muthi – Own Him Alone

Lock Heart Muthi – Own Him Alone

Lock Heart Muthi – Own Him Alone


This is the muthi used to make the heart of your lover parmanately love only you

and never to look at any one else is you see that your lover is changing, the way they talks to

you, they always getting annoyed over small issues then don’t hesitate, come lock his or her heart to not fall for anyone else




i got lock heart love spells to put a stop on his heart to never fall for

anyone else even though that other woman or girl used muthis on him they don’t change

his heart if she tries to seduce him or her he doesn’t get on or be moved at all his manhood doesn’t come

one and doesn’t nothing with her Once you lock his heart is makes him become faithful to you and

only thinks of you no other woman and Lock Heart of your lover today


Lock Heart Muthi – Own Him Alone

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