Ingwavuma Iyangena Emithi Yokushaya Izitha!!

Ingwavuma Iyangena Emithi Yokushaya Izitha!!

Ingwavuma Iyangena Emithi Yokushaya Izitha!!

Greating to everybody my clients, friends and families related to us

i dedicated to serve the world by healing hearts of people and hour animals at large

and we all know that living on earth is another task because we hate each other due to different

reasons but some people we just get enemies when we never do nothing to anybody

so we living in the world of izitha, thats why i decided to create a spell that can protect you to fight against

enemies which is called Ingwavuma. in addition, to the above statement which states that

ingwavuma iyangena emithi yokushaya izitha it also can do other very good work to our daily life.


Ingwavuma iyangena emithi yokushaya Umnakwethu.

Have you been aware of this that ingwavuma can help you

to fight away umnankwethu just in case you find out that your man is

playing you and your heart loves him very much and you wish to make him yours alone

i recommend you to use my strong muthi then i cast a spell on your man

to bind him and make him love you

unconditionally and gives you money as his girlfriend

or he put you on a pay roll of girlfriend allowance as well. however, Ingwavuma Iyangena Emithi Yokushaya Izitha!!


Ingwavuma iyangena emithi yokudayisa.

Do you have businesses but you need strong powers of catching big customers?

i suggest you should pay a visit on my website to teach you more but for now let me give you

the big picture with ingwavuma muthi you can have a lot of

customers contacting you i promise order this muthi today

and you will see the change in the first week of usage. lastly, Ingwavuma Iyangena Emithi Yokushaya Izitha!!


How To Use Ingwavuma When You Have Problems.

1 Get green candle.

2 Find a red stone from the sea.

3 Make sure you get a left wing of a male fly.

4 Look for or buy One miter of Lubugo all these items i will explain to you the importance each item lets start with the green candle, when you light a green candle during a spell of chasing a way umnakwethu ingwavuma will create a way for you to free you in relationship of having a man alone it will work as green lights on roads.

Red Stone from the  sea this stone will be red and allover we go we know very well that red means stop or chase you away from the game so now you fighting away umnakwethu by stoning her with red stone and throw her far away in the sea so that you will never see her again near your man.

Left wing of a male fly will be used in a spell when casting it

will need to see them real life flying away from your man even enemies will be away far.

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