I Was Bewitched Using Salt Spell

I Was Bewitched Using Salt Spell

I was bewitched using salt spell and this happened

when my tenant requested me to assist her with my salt

i actually discovered it just currently after consulting with

spiritual adviser gogo omar sultan i call him gogo because back

home we do call them like that it’s kind of respect given to them using

those names he meditated, and palm read me then he told me all my problems and

where they come from and where they want me to end,

i understand it now because am one day i gave out my salt

to them and dr told me is more dangerous giving them your salt

so many things they can do to you at the start you can start seeing falling

down in business yet its evil spirits which they sent to you they collecting everything.


My advise to every body Dr Omar sultan will help you in all life human problems

if you have challenges in life please try him he will help you if you never know or

you may never know what can happen things can happen and they always.


Salt Spell of Marriage Separation did you know that

if you mix salt and small ash on whole or house evil spirits that can or

may cause misunderstanding in your family or your house that salt will chase away

all bad things. I was bewitched using salt spell but if  in case they use other things of you.

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