How can one know if suffering from black magic?

How can one know if suffering from black magic?

How can one know if suffering from black magic?

Perhaps you might want the solution to

be free from the effect of what you call ‘Black magic’

rather than ‘find out who’s doing black magic on you’. Finding

out the person doing the ‘black magic’ isn’t necessarily a very effective

of a solution, rather you need to know how to get rid of the black magic’s

effect. however, You may find the person, but the effect of the black magic may

remain and bother you if you don’t understand things. If you know how to not be affected by black magic, then the person you suspect doing black magic will simply stop using that on you.


There is a quite simple solution to getting ‘rid’ of the black magic’s effect that doesn’t involve going to some temple or church. The one universal creator is found in your heart, in everyone, in everything, in every place; the creator is not restricted only to any temple or church. Everything is made out of of the essence of the creator, all is the creator. All other ‘gods’ society knows are simply souls like you and I that have developed into a higher consciousness, they exist at a different/higher vibrational plane, hence they can perform what humans may call ‘magic’ or whatever. They are simply ‘parts’ of the one creator like you and I. Humans are on their way to evolve, and those ‘gods’ are there to help us grow.

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