Can You Cast a Spell for Me and I Pay Next Time?

Can You Cast a Spell for Me and I Pay Next Time?

Can You Cast a Spell for Me and I Pay Next Time?

Yes, i can cast a spell for you or on your behalf and then you pay next time yes of course!

but the spell will not work the question is why? because among the stuffs or materials that i use

when casting your spell i include medicine traditional herbs { Muthi } and in our culture we

have a say Traditional medicine whenever is goes with money cannot be used!

by anybody or given by Sangoma or spiritual adviser for free or pay next time.


2Secondly its not advisable visiting sangoma of Traditional healer with empty hands

there will be a problem and it may end up not to get services because among the services will include herbs

and herbs always exchanged with money so you can use any items if you don’t have money

but always walk with money if visiting sangoma.


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