Bay Leaf Money Spell for Rich and Poor

Bay Leaf Money Spell for Rich and Poor

Bay Leaf Money Spell for Rich and Poor

What it does:

Helps you attract money and prosperity.


What you need:

Bay Leaf

A sharpie


A lighter

A fire safe bowl

How to cast:

Take the dried bay leaf and a sharpie and lay the bay leaf on a flat surface. in addition, you can either write out the exact amount of money that you are calling in, or simply write the word “ABUNDANCE”, “PROSPERITY” or “WEALTH” on the bay leaf. furthermore, With the leftover space on the bay leaf after you’ve written your word or amount, start to draw small dollar signs until that side of the bay leaf is almost entirely covered.


Take the bay leaf with your tweezers and pick it up by the stem end. hence, hold it over your fire safe bowl and with your free hand, grab your lighter. they’re for, Light the bay leaf on fire at the tip end (opposite to the tweezers) and as you burn the bay leaf, set your intention. for example, if you do not have an intention or feel at a loss for setting one yourself—use this blessing:

Bay Leaf Money Spell for Rich and Poor

Power of bay leaf, I ask thee,

Through methods fair and just,

Bring abundant prosperity.

Through the fire,

Bring abundant prosperity.

You can put the ashes from your burnt bay leaf into a white candle and keep it in your home (most preferably at an altar space) or to give them back to the earth by blowing them into the wind out your door or window. further, You could also bury them in the ground outside. however, Bay Leaf Money Spell for Rich and Poor.


Remember to have fun during this process. lastly, Creating your prosperous bay leaf, burning it, and reciting your intention is meant to be done with the energy of play and magic, two powerful forces that help facilitate your manifestations with ease!

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