Aura cleansing spell

you, like every living being, have an aura – a rainbow

of colors encompassing your body.

Your aura defines your past, your present, your future. Your aura determines if

you will be lonely and isolated, or surrounded by loved ones. It determines if you

will have money worries or be able to amass great wealth. Ultimately, your aura determines

if you will be frustrated and sad – or successful and happy.
A clean aura, unencumbered by imperfections, will allow the good things
to enter your life.

However, if your aura is riddled with imperfections, your life will never be fulfilled –

you will never get what you want! The barriers that are present in a cluttered aura will

most certainly prevent you from achieving the happiness and success you so deserve.

Once your aura is cleansed – removing the imperfections and dark clouds that surround it

only then can love and money flow through your aura into your life. Only then can you

discover the gold mine that is waiting for you.

aura cleansing spell

Remember These Words:

“Your aura is like a fingerprint; it is completely unique and represents precisely who you

really are. But unlike the fingerprint, a gifted psychic can change your aura, cleanse it –

eliminating the clouds, the defects, the negatives. The results could be startling: your

relationships could be better than ever, your love life could get a jump start, and your

finances could take a quantum leap.”

Ask for your Aura cleansing and get ready to enjoy your gold mine!


Dear Dr Hassan

WARNING: Do not turn to Prof unless your need is great. Prof spells

are too powerful to waste on trivial pursuits!

Prof is used when you don’t know where to turn, when all other methods have been exhausted.


Turn to Prof when you want something done, and done now!

When to call upon Prof:

  • When you or someone close to you needs immediate help
  • Seemingly insurmountable barriers stand in your way
  • No one else can assist you
  • You have tried everything and are about to give up

So, if you need a boost, a helping hand, a lucky break… If you really know what you want,

but can’t get it… If you feel helpless, unable to bring about an important change…

aura cleansing spell

this is your time to call upon Obeah.

Dear Prof Alexandra ,

Just wanted to let you know: I was a little skeptical when I ordered an Obeah spell for

my husband who was looking for a new job. I really didn’t think it was going to work. Well,

the spell was cast on May 24. As each day passed, I became more and more convinced it wasn’t

going to work, because I kept sending out resumes for him to different jobs but no one was calling

him back. Well, out of the blue a job was offered to him about ten days ago (so, under a month from

the time the spell was cast) and he accepted it despite a huge counteroffer from his current job! He will

begin his new job on the 15th! Well, you’ve convinced a nonbeliever! Thanks again!


aura cleansing spell
P.S. – I never told him I had ordered the spell! He still doesn’t know!

Are you ready for Obeah? If you are, you will instinctively know that Obeah could help

you. Merely tell us the one thing you need and let Obeah do the rest.

Please be brief and request only one thing at a time.


I would like to thank you for cleansing my Aura last month on the 17th. Since you’ve done

this for me, my life has been much lighter. I don’t feel like the world is on my shoulders

anymore. I’m able to tackle problems with ease and a lot less worry.

I would recommend Aura Cleansing to anyone. . .

By having my Aura cleansed I strongly believe that it aided me to be calm-minded and a

much healthier person.

Thank you.


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