5 Powerful Money Spells – Inspiration and Magic for Easy Cash and Long Term Wealth

5 Powerful Money Spells – Inspiration and Magic for Easy Cash and Long Term Wealth

5 Powerful Money Spells – Inspiration and Magic for Easy Cash and Long-Term Wealth


Although we all relate to money differently, everyone will tell

you that having it is better than needing it—especially if you have any

outstanding bills or dreams that have been on hold indefinitely due to a lack

of funds. in addition, If that sounds like you, perhaps a magical money spell can help.

Of course, you may be thinking, just how real and/or effective are money spells? Well, we went

out and asked some actual magic practitioners and witches what they thought. however, the following are some simple suggestions, rituals, and spells they recommend attracting more money into your life.


EASY MONEY SPELLS THAT WORK – QUICK LOOK Spell for quick cash – Get extra money

Abundance dollar bill – Attract prosperity new moon financial ritual – Create abundance Three

crystals – Overnight money spell Green candles – Build wealth SPELLS; MUST READ! BEFORE CASTING A MONEY SPELL



In traditional magical practice, money is thought of as energy. To increase the amount

of wealth available to you, it’s first essential to eliminate whatever negative energy may be blocking

you from getting what you need. Here are some simple things you can do to help erase any financial blockages.


FRESH HERBS FOR MONEY SPELL Mint, oregano, basil, and chamomile are all excellent herbs to use in recipes or teas to break down any financial blockages you may have.


5 Powerful Money Spells – Inspiration and Magic for Easy Cash



If you’re having trouble with household expenses, place some open containers of sea salt in all the corners of your home. This will absorb any negative energy that may be obstructing your flow of cash. Make sure to change the salt every 10 days. 5 Powerful Money Spells – Inspiration and Magic for Easy Cash


GET A FINANCE READING TO ATTRACT PROSPERITY Accurate psychic reading services about your financial situation can often help you recognize what is standing in the way of your success. Sometimes a lack of resources is not about what you’re doing but rather how you feel about deserving prosperity. An excellent financial psychic on a site like Purple Garden can help you to better understand what energetic and psychic blocks exist between you and wealth success.

CAST MONEY SPELLS THAT CREATE ABUNDANCE Unexpected windfalls are nice, but it’s more important to maintain a steady cash flow rather than ride a feast or famine rollercoaster. Instead of only doing spells when you’re broke, perhaps performing a monthly ceremony for prosperity might help to maintain better financial consistency. And you never know, if you practice a money ritual on a monthly basis, your basic spellcasting techniques will improve over time. 5 Powerful Money Spells – Inspiration and Magic for Easy Cash


WASTEFUL SPENDING BUILDS NEGATIVE ENERGY Throwing money down the drain on pointless or unnecessary luxuries will make it difficult to create abundance and wealth no matter your financial situation. That said, holding on to your cash or penny-pinching will not give you more financial security. Instead, it will throttle the flow of prosperity to you. You need to find a healthy balance between saving when wealth should be saved and making smart investments should the opportunity arise.




1. SPELL FOR QUICK CASH – EASIEST SPELL TO ATTRACT MONEY WHAT YOU’LL NEED 1 Bay leaf 1 tea light candle 1 small Citrine crystal 1 small pouch

HOW TO CAST   Write the amount of cash you need on the bay leaf—for example,

$50 to pay a bill. Next, light the tea light and burn the bay leaf. After that, place the embers

of the bay leaf in the small pouch with the citrine. Carry the pouch (money talisman) with you over the next few days, and let the magic happen.


ABUNDANCE DOLLAR BILL – BEST MONEY SPELLS MANIFEST WEALTH WHAT YOU’LL NEED 1 dollar bill Olive oil 1 green sharpie pen Fresh basil

HOW TO CAST   Use the green sharpie pen to write the word “Abundance”

on the dollar bill. Place the dollar bill on a windowsill, or anywhere it will be exposed

to full sunlight for at least an hour. The longer, the better. Next, put some olive oil and fresh

basil on your hands and rub up the dollar thoroughly until it starts to feel warm. After that, fold the

dollar in half and then in half again. Put the magically charged bill (money talisman) into your wallet and carry it with you for a few days. 5 Powerful Money Spells – Inspiration and Magic for Easy Cash



5 Powerful Money Spells – Inspiration and Magic for Easy Cash


Paper and pen A lighter A fireproof container.

HOW TO CAST Witches and other Occult practitioners

view the lunar cycle as a timetable for manifestation since the moon’s

energy can have a positive effect, especially on basic spellcasting techniques. hence, the new

moon is traditionally considered a symbol of new beginnings, while

the full moon represents a matter coming to completion. however, this particular

operation should be done on the evening of the new moon’s energy. furthermore, Take

the paper and pen and compose a letter requesting

financial assistance. Afterward, go outside and read the letter out loud under the stars. Once you have finished, burn the letter in the container and imagine your wishes going out into the universe. When the letter is completely burned, spread the ashes into the air. Wait and see what happens by the Full Moon.


4. THREE CRYSTALS / TEA BAG POUCH – MONEY SPELLS THAT WORK OVERNIGHT WHAT YOU’LL NEED 1 small clear quartz crystal 1 small piece of Green Aventurine 1 small piece of Citrine 1 tea bag (either Chamomile or Peppermint) A piece of paper and a pen 1 small pouch.

HOW TO CAST Begin by writing a brief letter of intention about what sort of financial assistance to attract prosperity and wealth you need. Place the 3 small crystals in the pouch. After that, open the tea bag and dump the contents into the pouch. Next, fold your letter of intention so that it is small enough to fit into the bag. For the next several days, carry this pouch (money talisman) with you and keep your eyes open for any opportunities to earn cash.


WHAT YOU’LL NEED 1 green candle (3-inch, 4-inch, or votive size) Cinnamon powder 1 Pyrite crystal Olive oil A small candle stand.

5 Powerful Money Spells – Inspiration and Magic for Easy Cash

HOW TO CAST Begin by rubbing up the green candle with some drops of olive oil. Next, apply or “dress” the oiled candle with the cinnamon. Place the candle on the stand and meditate on your financial intentions. When your mind is focused, light the candle and let it burn. It may take an hour or more for the candle to burn. If you cannot wait that long, it’s okay to snuff the candle out (don’t blow it out). You can then resume burning it at another time. Just remember to meditate on your intentions again before lighting

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