3 Witchcraft Love Spells to Cast for Dominion Over Lover

3 Witchcraft Love Spells to Cast for Dominion Over Lover

3 Witchcraft Love Spells to Cast for Dominion Over Lover


Welcome to this guide on witchcraft love spells! If you

are facing love issues and seeking unconventional methods

to regain control of your relationship, you have come to the right

place. in addition, as an experienced and professional spell caster specializing

in traditional techniques, I have helped countless individuals in Oklahoma and

beyond to find love, mend broken relationships, and restore harmony in their lives.


Before we dive into the three powerful witchcraft love spells, it is

important to understand that my does not involve any Western or modern

methods such as counseling. Instead, I rely on ancient practices that have been

passed down through generations to enhance your romantic connection and strengthen the bond

with your beloved.


  1. Spell to Bind Eternal Love

Choose a quiet and peaceful space where you can focus your energy.

Light a pink or red candle to represent love and passion.

Visualize a strong bond forming between you and your lover.

Take a piece of paper and write your lover’s name along with your own.

Tie the paper with a red string, symbolizing the connection between both of you.

Recite the following incantation three times with belief and conviction:

“By the power of the universe, I bind our hearts together forevermore. May our love be strong and pure,

forever thriving in harmony and joy.”

Burn the tied paper in the flame of the candle, visualizing the bond becoming unbreakable.

Once the paper has turned to ash, blow out the candle and retain the ashes in a safe place.

It is important to remember that casting love spells is a serious matter requiring respect for the

energies involved. Proceed with caution and always consult a professional spell caster like myself to

ensure the spell is performed correctly. 3 Witchcraft Love Spells to Cast for Dominion Over Lover


3 Witchcraft Love Spells to Cast for Dominion Over Lover

  1. Spell for Rekindling Passion

If your relationship has lost its spark and you wish to reignite the flames of passion, this spell can

help awaken the fiery connection between you and your lover.


Choose a secluded location where you feel comfortable and relaxed.

Light a red candle to represent passion and desire.

Close your eyes and take a few deep breaths to ground yourself.

Picture the early stages of your relationship when the flames of passion burned the brightest.

Feel the intense emotions and sensations of that time as if they were happening in the present moment.

Recite the following incantation three times, channeling your desire for passion:

“By the flames that burn within, I invoke the passion we once shared. Let it rise and consume us once

again, reigniting our love as if it were brand new.”

Allow the candle to burn out naturally, focusing on the renewed passion entering your relationship.

  1. Spell for Harmonious Union

If you and your lover are experiencing conflicts or disagreements, this spell can help bring about a harmonious resolution, fostering understanding and unity within your relationship.


Find a peaceful and quiet environment where you can focus without distractions.

Light two white candles, symbolizing purity and clarity.

Sit facing your lover and hold their hands gently.

Close your eyes and envision a golden light surrounding both of you.

Mentally communicate your desire for harmony and resolution.

Together, recite the following incantation three times, infused with sincerity and compassion:

“From conflict to peace, from discord to love. We release the tension and embrace unity as one. May our hearts and minds find harmony, and our relationship be blessed with understanding and compassion.”

Blow out the candles together, symbolizing the end of conflicts and the beginning of shared harmony.


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