10 Love Binding Spells That Work

10 Love Binding Spells That Work

10 Love Binding Spells That Work

10 Love Binding Spells That Work  let’s see the 10 best love binding spells that are free,

effective and you can safely cast at home. With these powerful love spells, you can get anything

you want from your partner or a potential lover, and achieve a lasting and happy relationship.


Spell to Find the Right Person

Goal: Get you to focus your energies, your vitality and your interest in finding a person who

deserves your attention, and will know how to value you. hence, 10 Love Binding Spells That Work


This type of spell always works better if you keep your spirit open to all possibilities and

remain attentive to your surroundings, so that you can perceive the signs and recognize the

people around you who really value you, discovering among them who deserves your love.


Love Binding Spell to Get Reciprocate Love

Goal: To direct the attention of the loved one to us, so that they discovers our attractiveness and feels the energy of our affection.


It is important to “help” this spell a little. You must take care of your appearance and have contact with the person you love.


How to cast the spell: (On a Friday, if you want to attract a man, or a Tuesday if you want to attract a woman).


Place a jasmine and a rose (better if it is pink or red) on your altar or a table.

Light a red candle between both flowers.

Write the name of the person you desire on a piece of paper.

Say the following spell aloud.

Then burn the paper in the candle flame.


Binding Love Spell to Make a Relationship Durable and Happy

Love binding spells


Goal: To prevent and keep away bad influences and negative energies that may arise in a relationship.


Love Spell to Prevent Arguments and Fighting

Goal: To remove the negative energies in the couple, and in this way facilitate the coexistence.


How to cast the love spell:


Place a bowl of clear water on a table.

Lights a white candle beside it. 10 Love Binding Spells That Work

Put a piece of copper in front of it (the inside of electrical wire is copper, but if you do use a wire, remove the plastic that covers the copper).

Write on a piece of paper the name of your partner and after reciting the spell wet the paper in the water.


Love Spell to Improve Sexual Desire

S pell to Recover a Lost Love

Goal: To bring back a lost love.


If this relationship took place far away in time, make sure your feelings are real and you have not idealized them because of nostalgia. 10 Love Binding Spells That Work


How to cast the spell:


Light a pink candle and a violet candle.

Write on a piece of paper the name of your beloved.

Place inside a small cloth, savory and laurel. Align the three elements (candle, paper and sachet with herbs) in front of you.


Spell to Get More Attention from Your Partner

Goal: Your partner will be more attentive and more aware of you. 10 Love Binding Spells That Work


How to cast the spell:


Place 3 candles in a triangle: one green, one pink and one orange.

In front of the candles place a sprig of bay leaf and another sprig of mint.

Recite the spell aloud.

Le Love spell:


“I want to feel you closer,

Enjoy your attention

And those little details

That cheer the heart.”

10 Love Binding Spells That Work

A tip: If you do not get any of the colored candles you can substitute it with white candles with a paper of the color indicated above. In this case, be careful not to burn the paper. the candles burn halfway and then snuff them off.

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