Breast enlargement

Herbs for  enlargement Herbal is the most popular method for growing

breasts today. A majority of the natural breast enlargement pills currently on the

market are made up of a mix of breast enlargement herbs including fenugreek, fennel

and wild yam.

Herbs have been used for centuries by various cultures for a variety of women’s health

related issues such as relieving PMS symptoms and increasing milk production in women

who have given birth.  Many of the herbs that have been used for these  issues are now being

used to help grow breasts.
How Do Herbs Stimulate Breast Growth?

breast enlargement

There are four main functions that herbs have on natural enlargement.

phyto-estrogens: help to increase estrogen levels in the body which help to grow the milk

ducts and causes growth around the center of the breast or the area across the nipple.  Basically

the area that the tape measure goes around when measuring your breasts. Examples of phyto

estrogen herbs are fenugreek, pueraria mirifica, hops and soy.

phyto-progestins: help to increase progesterone levels in the body which helps to grow the

milk ducts and alveolis which make up the mammary glands. Besides, This causes the rounding of the

breasts. In addition on, Examples of phyto-progestin herbs are fennel and red clover. However,

breast enlargement

Anti-androgens: block the production of DHT from testosterone. Women generally take anti

androgen’s to decrease DHT so that there is more room for estrogen. Examples of anti-androgen

herbs are wild yam, saw palmetto, and licorice.

Prolactin: is the hormone that actually starts milk production but in natural enlargement,

it causes swelling of the breast which over time turns to permanent growth. Examples of protactinium

herbs are fenugreek, wild yam, fennel and licorice.

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